About Fractional Leasing

We started fractional leasing when Charlie noticed that the vast majority of boats in Chicago's Monroe Harbor were floating idly at their cans, even on the most ideal summer sailing days. “Boats are expensive,” he pointed out, “there has to be a better way of sailing.”  

And there is…

Fractional leasing offers a new way of sailing that--for many sailors--is a vast improvement over individual ownership.  The concept is simple: you sign a fixed-cost lease in exchange for credits that entitle you to full use of a classic yacht during the sailing season. We share the cost of operation among a limited number of other captains.

Here are key reasons many captains prefer fractional leasing with Olson’s Classic Yachts rather than ownership.


Owning and maintaining a keelboat is expensive. While fractional lease packages are not inexpensive, they offer an overwhelming fiscal advantage over ownership.


Boats require a lot of work. Boat owners often spend more time maintaining their boats than actually sailing.  The cost required for upkeep and repairs is included in your fractional lease.  That means you can simply head to the harbor and sail - we handle the rest.


When you buy a boat, you are stuck with it. If you want a bigger boat next year, you have to sell the one you have. Our fractional leasing method eliminates that barrier. If you liked the boat you sailed last year, you can sail her again. If you want to try something new, all you have to do is select a new model.

We've designed a system that lets you reserve days in advance of the sailing season.  And, once the season begins on May 15th, you can book additional time on your boat.  Better yet, if you must cancel your trip we don't deduct those credits from your account.  Learn more about how our system works.