Ah Cha – Islander 36

Ah Cha offers the graceful lines and eye appeal of a sailing yacht classic, together with the seaworthiness of a fast all-weather cruiser. On deck, you have a roller furling jib, as on all our boats, but you also have features not on smaller boats: a gas-powered rigid boom vang and a Dutchman mainsail takedown system to facilitate sail handling. Your crew will be happy to find all lines coming back through rope clutches to the cockpit.

Down below is a spacious cabin with ample headroom, warm interior teak and brass fixture highlights. Your guests will also appreciate having a push-button electric head. Like her sister I-36, Cloudsplitter, Ah Cha is a delight to sail.

When its time to relax at your mooring in showcase Monroe Harbor, you’ll find a pull down teak lunch table for convenient picnicking. On special occasions when you want to take advantage of the scenic view your prime location offers, fire up the gas barbecue on the stern pulpit and put on the brats! That’s a fun thing you can do on your Monroe mooring that for safety reasons, isn’t allowed at a slip.

Wondering about the Ah Cha name? The story goes that her original owner was traveling in Indonesia and a shop keeper yelled “Ah Cha! Ah Cha!” He wasn't quite sure what it meant, eventually concluding that when something gave you such an intensely good feeling that it made you feel good about everything, that was an “ah cha” or “its all good” moment. He found the name for his new Islander in Indonesia.

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