Aquavit – Morgan 33

For pure sailing enjoyment and incredible value, simplicity makes sense. It especially makes sense for sailors who remember the thrill of sailing smaller boats with tillers. Our only tiller boat, Aquavit, our Morgan 33, is fast, incredibly responsive and thrilling to sail. Riding on the high side at 15 degrees and 15 knots of wind, you feel the pressure on the tiller and wind on your face. Sailing to weather as the breeze picks up, you feel the 5,500 lb. keel taking hold. You’re on the thrilling sail you’ve waited for all week.

Sleek, and midnight blue, Aquavit is the smaller sister of Paper Tiger, our larger Charlie Morgan classic. She sails simply, as with smaller boats you’ve loved to sail, but at 33 feet with inboard diesel engine, spacious cabin and stern perch seats in the cockpit, Aquavit offers both greater stability and room to move around. On her Monroe mooring with tiller up, she has the cockpit, cabin and deck space to host a Wednesday or Saturday night fireworks party,

For small boat sailors, Aquavit offers an easy transition to bigger boat sailing. If you loved sailing a J22 or Catalina 22 on flat water, Aquavit is the boat you wished you were on when being beaten up in heavier weather.

Aquavit simplifies short-handed sailing. Sitting with tiller in one hand, all your sail and engine controls are accessible with your free hand. Adjusting the mainsheet, traveler or jibsheets is s simple, because you don’t have to come out from behind a steering wheel to reach them. Bringing the sail down shor-handed is also simplified. The main halyard runs back to the cockpit and lazy jacks help control the sail on the way down. You can lower the mainsail with one hand while steering into the wind with tiller in your other hand.

Aquavit lets you enjoy unforgettable sailing without the complication. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find she’s also easy on your wallet.

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