Scrimshaw – C&C35

Scrimshaw is a C&C 35 we brought in from Port Dover, Ontario in 2015.

With an electric windlass and a television, she is well set up for cruising or just hanging out in the playpen. Her creature comforts, however, should not distract you from her performance nature.

Scrimshaw, like all C&Cs, is fast and nimble under all points of sail. She has an easy speed and will effortlessly move through the water even in light winds. Scrimshaw is a very sturdy boat and will give you confidence sailing even in a little bit of weather.

She has quickly become a favorite of many OCY captains as she is a great balance of size, comfort and sailing ability. Once you sail Scrimshaw you very well may have a new benchmark for what a well-designed and well-balanced boat is.


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