Little Darlin’ – Catalina 27

Catalina 27s are one of the most popular keelboats ever manufactured for a reason. They’ve been loved by generations as spritely, inexpensive boats that handle well in both light and heavy wind and make a great introduction to sailing.

Little Darlin' is a great boat for the seasoned veteran and the greenhorn alike and everything in between. She is set up like many boats that are much larger which allows for a great opportunity to learn the finer points of boat handling in a more manageable package.

She is one of our instructional boats that we teach people to sail on and the boat that many of our customers first lease. With self-tailing winches and all lines run to the cockpit, Little Darlin' is easy to sail singlehanded and is well equipped for family or group outings.

Her scheduling system is different from the other boats, designed to provide a low-cost summer of sailing on the lake. You will simply not find a better value than the Little Darlin'.


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