Dame – Catalina 27

The Catalina 27 has long been admired and with over 6,000 produced, they have more than proven themselves. Dame is fully outfitted for cruising with all the bells and whistles one would put on a small cruiser.

Like her sister ship, Little Darlin', Dame is set up like a much larger boat which allows for a great opportunity to learn the finer points of boat handling. Dame is one of our primary training and teaching boats and we are sure that anyone looking for a great summer on the water will not be disappointed.

Dame is a great boat for venturing out on a day sail or running across the lake for a couple day getaway to ports such as New Buffalo, Michigan or Michigan City, Indiana.

Dame was a new addition for OCY for 2017.  She is moored in Jackson Park Outer Harbor. Jackson Park is a fantastic harbor with many attractions nearby from the Museum of Science and Industry to historic Hyde Park.

She is also in waters that are not as frequented by the powerboats and water taxis which means a little calmer and quieter days on the water. Jackson Park also is home to one of the oldest yacht clubs on the lake. Jackson Park Yacht Club is a great group of sailors with a family oriented atmosphere and many social events throughout the year. They also have a reasonable membership fee. We are excited about Jackson Park and all that Dame being there will bring.


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